History of The Thornhill Veterinary Clinic


Thornhill Veterinary Clinic is proud to be the oldest animal hospital in Thornhill!

We are located on Center Street in the Thornhill, Vaughan area, which is one of Toronto's oldest and most vibrant suburbs. The area is named for Benjamin Thorne, a businessman who moved to the area in 1820 and set up a number of businesses including a sawmill, a grist mill and a tannery. 

Thornhill Veterinary Clinic first opened its doors to the surrounding community in 1950.  It was founded by Dr. Harry Palmer, a recent Veterinary College graduate, and a native of Thornbury, Ontario. At this time, the village of Thornhill was a distinct farming community, of less than 1600 people. In such a rural location it is not surprising that the original practice was exclusively equine.  This began to change when Dr. Reiner Leibrecht joined the clinic in 1954. He had a keen interest in small animal medicine and began treating the cats and dogs of local farmers. 

Dr Leibrecht left the Thornhill Veterinary Clinic in the early 1960's and opened the Leibrecht Animal Hospital on Yonge St. just south of John St. In 1990, Dr. Kevin Corrigan, who has a special interest in canines & felines medicine, purchased the original Thornhill practice and relocated it to a commercial building on Yonge at Centre.  Just two years prior to his retirement, Dr Leibrecht returned to the Thornhill Veterinary Clinic and merged his practice with Dr. Corrigan's.  Upon the retirement of Dr Leibrecth, Dr Corrigan moved the clinic to its current location, at 38 Centre Street, in a heritage home, in the heart of the Historic village of Thornhill.