Dental Care

Among the many things we examine during your pet's yearly visit is the health of your pet's mouth. Good oral hygiene is also an important part of preventive medicine. Over time of course, there will be a natural accumulation of tarter on your pet's teeth. A regular brushing regime will lessen the frequency of dental intervention. However, like you, sooner or later your pet will need a professional deep dental cleaning.

While professional cleaning will go a long way towards reducing that pungent "doggie breath", (cat breath too!) there are also a number of medical reasons why you should be concerned about the state of your pet's mouth:

  • Gingivitis and tooth decay are contributing factors in systemic liver & kidney problems

  • Poor oral health can lead to bacterial heart infections, particularly for those animals with heart murmurs.

  • Insulin regulatory problems can arise for diabetic animals due to oral infections.

To help keep your pet's mouth fresh and disease free, we offer ultrasonic scaling, curetting, fluoride polishing, as well as minor dental surgeries and extractions. All of these procedures are performed in our specifically designed dental suite under the care of our Veterinarians and Dental Technicians.