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Diagnostic and Preventive Medicine

All of us at the Thornhill Veterinary Clinic are strong believers in preventive medicine. It is the main reason that companion animals are living longer and healthier lives.  As your pets primary care giver, you are the most important part of ensuring the ongoing maintenance of your pets good health.

During your pets annual exam we work with you to determine how well your pet is doing.  You can provide us with critical insight into your pets general health, eating habits, and any changes in behavior you may have observed. 

This proactive approach is a key element in the detection and treatment of a range of "silent diseases". These are diseases for which there are no available vaccines. The more common of these include: - Diabetes. - Thyroid disease. - Deficiencies of the liver & kidney. - And heart disease, to name a few. 

Youth is no defense against these diseases : Diseases can creep up at any stage of your pets life. Symptoms can be subtle and are sometimes not seen until your pet is in acute distress. Ilness is managed better when detected before clinical signs emerge.
Early intervention can help to mitigate the effects of these diseases and can greatly reduce the cost of treatment. 

Should your pets condition require medical attention that is beyond the scope of our clinic, we can provide access to numerous board certified specialists including: Ophthalmologists, Oncologists, Cardiologists, and Neurologists, to name a few, who are always available to work with us through the most complex of cases.