Puppy and Kitten Special


We are honored to receive the 2018 Readers Choice Award for Top Veterinary hospital in Thornhill. Thank you to our wonderful clients for voting for us!


PUPPY and Kitten special - 50% OFF 

for all puppy and kitten vaccines! First, Second AND Third boosters now 50% Discount!

Vaccinations help protect your pet from potentially serious and fatal diseases. Vaccinations cost considerably less than the treatments available for the diseases pets are normally vaccinated against. Now, more than ever, preventative medicine plays a key role in protecting them from becoming sick.

The reality of these diseases comes close to home: from raccoon rabies in Hamilton, a new form of influenza west of London, raccoon distemper in the GTA to leptospirosis province wide. Heartworm is also living and flourishing in our wildlife population of foxes and coyotes residing near our neighborhood ravines and we see Heartworm positive dogs (and even cats) every year.

The newest threat; Lyme disease, is transmitted through ticks and only within recent years has become a growing a concern throughout the province due to a proliferation of ticks in Ontario. Since 2014 approx. 1,234 - 1,608 positive cases of Lyme disease have been reported, with the number of infected animals still on the rise despite more pet owners protecting their dogs. A number of preventives exist to help protect your pet from these diseases. Call us today to learn more!